The Canon of Scripture in Jewish and Christian Tradition — Le canon des Écritures dans les traditions juive et chrétienne / Philip S. ALEXANDER – Jean-Daniel KAESTLI, éds, 2007, 253 p., ISBN 2-940351-07-4, € 25.-
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The present volume is the product of an ongoing collaboration between the Institut Romand des Sciences Bibliques of the University of Lausanne, the Centre for Biblical Studies in the University of Manchester, and the Department of Biblical Studies in the University of Sheffield. Researchers from these three institutions meet on a regular basis to pool their expertise and to explore together a topical issue in the field of Biblical Studies.

The theme of the colloquium whose papers are here published was the Canon of Scripture. For a variety of reasons the old certainties as to how canonisation occurred have been challenged in recent years by new evidence and by new critical perspectives. The very concepts of ‘canon’ and ‘canonisation’ have been problematised. It was felt the time was ripe for a fresh exploration of the issues.

Not all the questions around the biblical canon could be canvassed in one seminar and one volume, but it is hoped that a sufficient number of them are here addressed in a fresh way to open for the reader a window on current debates.

Table des matières :

Ph. ALEXANDER – J.-D. KAESTLI, Introduction


Ph. R. DAVIES, How to Get Into the Canon and Stay There Or: The Philosophy of an Acquisitive Society

T. ROEMER, La mort de Moïse (Deut 34) et la naissance de la première partie du canon biblique 27-39
A. de PURY, The Ketubim, a Canon Within the Biblical Canon 41-56
Ph. S. ALEXANDER, The Formation of the Biblical Canon in Rabbinic Judaism 57-80
G. J. BROOKE, ‘Canon’ in the Light of the Qumran Scrolls 81-98
J.-D. KAESTLI, La formation et la structure du canon biblique : que peut apporter l’étude de la Septante ? 99-113
L. C. A. ALEXANDER, Canon and Exegesis in the Medical Schools of Antiquity 115-153
D. MARGUERAT, Des « canons » avant le canon ? 155-168
E. NORELLI, La notion de « mémoire » nous aide-t-elle à mieux comprendre la formation du canon du Nouveau Testament ? 169-206
G. A. BEATTIE, The Fall of Eve: 1 Timothy 2,14 as a Canonical Example of Biblical Interpretation 207-216
E. LASH, The Canon of Scripture in the Orthodox Church 217-232
Index of Biblical References – Index of Ancient Texts and Authors – Index of Modern Names 233-249